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what is Stone Slinger

Take the guess work out…use a stone slinger. A stone slinger is construction apparatus that places dirt or soil, mulch, sand or aggregates in a precise position. This new and innovative technologically advanced piece of equipment takes the guess work out of the placement of construction materials and has a 100% accuracy rating. The only thing that would prevent the accurate placement of construction materials, once you are using a stone slinger, is human error.

The stone slinger has a 220 degree working pivot radius and an increased angulation of approximately 23 degrees below and above horizontal. The stone slinger conveyor places material accurately up to 90 feet from the end of the truck eliminating the need for the materials to be handled by workers thus reducing construction time and cost. This is the most advance piece of large construction equipment developed recently.

The stone slinger is powered by a universal drive and the live bottom system directs materials onto the conveyor belt. The power drive matches the speed of the conveyor belt which further eliminates bulking and uneven delivery.

Because of it durability, accuracy and rugged dependability a stone slinger is now commonly used on construction sites or even in areas where uniform surfaces are a requirement. Ball parks, stadiums and recreational areas also benefits for the precision of the stone slinger.


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