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Shotcrete is a time and money saving form of concrete which is also sometimes referred as mortar. This is a form of structural concrete which can be sprayed on almost any surface with the help of a nozzle and hose. It is a cost effective solution for your construction needs. Shotcrete has been in use since the early 1950s, although at that time it was only used for the making of swimming pools but gradually the technology changed and now we have the current version of Shotcrete which can be used in multiple ways and on multiple surfaces.

There are two types of Shotcrete mixtures.

  • Dry mix
  • Wet mix

Timberland Demolition and Excavation provide both of them. The dry mix consists of all of the dry Shotcrete ingredients into the hopper and sprays on the surface with the help of the water which is present in the nozzle. The ingredients and the water mix together when they hit the solid surface and form a very strong substance. The wet mix consists of concrete ingredients that are already mixed with water. The benefit of wet mix that it produces very little waste and dust as compared to dry mix. However, both of them are equally efficient and easy to handle.

Our engineers and workers are properly educated in the usage of Shotcrete. Only the experienced employee is allowed to use the hosepipe that will spray Shotcrete on the surface of your building. We use high quality and state of the art material and equipment for this purpose and make sure that the quality of the end product is what you desired.


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