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Sand & Gravel

Sand & Gravel is one of the most important services that we provide at Timberland Demolition and Excavation. We have the best vehicles to carry the material all over Vancouver, Canada. Our services will include:

  • Sand and Gravel
  • Mix concrete (pre-made)
  • Wall retaining
  • Landscape stone
  • Stamped and colored concrete
  • Field stone
  • Top soil screened

Each one of these services will be handled professionally and with meticulousness. We have high quality, heavy load trucks that will deliver sand and gravel to any location. We provide delivering services; however, we welcome our clients’ decision if they want to handle the delivering part on their own. We work on a time sensitive procedure and we make sure that the materials needed for construction are delivered right on time.

We are just a call away. We understand all your construction needs; we have a dedicated crew, who will complete the task within the allotted time, does it proficiently and within your budget. There is no need to buy aggregate supplies from a third party; we have all the necessary and specialty supplies that might be needed in any commercial, residential and industrial construction.

Our work force is experienced in working on any sized project. Timberland Demolition and Excavation believes in client satisfaction and we take pride in our ability to deliver our best in every project. We are licensed contractors in Vancouver, Canada. The sand you order will have the grain of your choice, the gravel you order will be the size that you desire and if you order in bulk then we have discounts as well.


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