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Pre-loading process is of great significance. Your demolition process will be incomplete without it. Pre-loading is a process which allows the workers to enhance the density of the soil on the construction site. The lateral stress is improved by a high quality pre-load. The construction sites with pre-loading are much more effective and successful. The safety and the gravity of the building is never a problem at such sites.

However, pre-loading is an art which must be perfected before it can be implemented. The pre-load procedure actually enhances the soil on the construction site; it is firmer, denser and much more receptive. The density of the soil is a factor that must be measured very carefully, our engineers will be always present on site, and they will make plans and models because the pre-load lays the foundation for your building. They will measure the density of the soil and make sure that the pre-load is enough to help your building or house stand tall and proud and survive even the most brutal of earthquakes.

Our engineers will first test the field and then implement it in your construction. We use only high quality machines and tools in our pre-loading projects and processes. Each part of the machinery is checked before it is brought to the construction site. Our engineers and technicians will always be on hand to help the crew out in case of a problem or emergency. No challenge is big for us; we at Timberland Demolition and Excavation are licensed contractors and are just a call away to cater any of your demolition and excavating needs.


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