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Drain Tiles

Timberland Demolition and Excavation provides installation and replacement services. The biggest problem in any house or commercial building is drainage. The water seeping out of the pipes can destroy the whole foundation of the building if it is not taken care of at the right time. However, the right time might not be the solution; you need to hire highly trained professionals to handle your Drain tiles. Any leak in the basement can get worse with time, especially when it is treated by a nonprofessional and inexperienced company.

We provide the best Drain Tiles Services; we stop the issue before it takes root in the corners and drain it away before it causes any real damage. Our Drain Tile services are designed by experienced and professional engineers. We will plant multiple four inch pipes that have holes in them, these holes will help in draining water from the basement. Whenever it will rain or you have leakage, the water will be hindered by gravel because it more absorbent than your average concrete or dirt.

Our ever efficient and persistent crew can perform the following Drain Tile Services:

  • Drain Cleaning and Flushing
  • Removal of Tree root
  • Jet Drain removal – water
  • Replacement – Drain Tile
  • Pipe Replacement

We guarantee that Timberland Demolition and Excavation will work with high class workmanship. We will be happy to inspect the drain area before you perform any procedure on your building to save your time and your money. We are just a call away; our work force will be at your service within a few hours.


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