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Back filling is an important part of the excavation procedure. Back filling is the basic process of putting the extracted soil back into the earth before the work crew can start the building. We provide high quality back filling services and it is always handled by exceedingly processional workers. Our managers are always present on site; any problem will be solved with exactitude and acute professionalism so that the timeline is not affected in any way.

We always have at least one expert on hand to guide you along the way and ensure quality results. Our construction standards are very high and we only use top quality materials and tools for your back filling needs. Our work force will handle pipe bedding, sewer and storm drains. The initial back filling will be a layer between the installed bedding materials and will completely fill your pipe and the space that is 12 inches above it.

We at Timberland Demolition and Excavation are experts at Trench back filling. We use high quality material in the trench back filling, the depth of this particular back filling is just 4 inches however, these four inches are very important in making high quality roads. The final result of the road is dependable upon the quality and material of trench back filling.

The filling will be placed in layers so that your finished product is what you demanded. Our engineers, with ample experience, will be present on-site and see the project to its completion. Plus, our prices are highly compatible and very competitive.

Best back filling services in Vancouver with competitive pricing. Timberland Demolition & Excavation contractors provide back fill services in Metro Vancouver-Call or email us today at 604-618-8400

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