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5 rules for Site Preparation and Safety

So you are about to build your dream house but before a single brick is laid for the foundation the site has to be prepared. Site preparation is a more complex process than site clearing. There are a number of processes that must be undertaken for a site to be prepared properly to accept a new building.

  1. All scrub, large boulders, rocks and other debris must be removed from the site.
  2. All tree stumps must be dug out from the roots. Residual roots can continue growing causing structural damage.
  3. All holes must be filled and compacted to ensure structural integrity is maintained and the earth does not shift with continuous construction activity.
  4. The correct building orientation and trench lines must be ascertained and marked.
  5. The various areas must be demarcated; the staging area, the storage area, the workmen lavatory and access paths etc.

For site preparation you will need some form of storage. A 40ft container is a good length and can store most small tools. You will also need to fence the site from unauthorised persons, to protect the surrounding area and buildings from damage and to protect any machinery, equipment or building materials that may be left onsite from burglary. A large skip is also a necessity to place scraps into and in general for keeping the area neat. A skip can hold a greater volume of debris which can then be hauled away.



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