With Over 10 Years of Experience In Commercial & Residential Projects Based In Metro Vancouver Timberland Demolition-Excavation Contractor Services Specializes In Demolition, Excavating, Sand And Gravel , Drain Tiles, Site Preparation, Back-fill, Pre-load, Land Clearing, Shot Crete (Shoring), Trucking and Asbestos

We are demolition and excavating contractors who are honest, friendly, professional and provide on-time services in Metro Vancouver. No project is too small or too big for Timberland Demolition and Excavation. Call us today and book your free consultation or request for a price quote. Satisfaction and best price is 100% guaranteed!

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Demolition Contractors

Timberland Demolition & Excavation is your first choice contractors in Vancouver for residential & commercial demolition projects. We offer the best quality and price for our customers

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Excavating Contractors

Rated no.1 Excavation contractor in Vancouver for residential and commercial Excavating projects. Call us today for any Excavation service in the lower mainland

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Sand & Gravel

Whether you need construction sand in Vancouver or for your volleyball court, Timberland Demolition & Excavation does sand and gravel delivery directly to your home or work site

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Drain Tiles

Blocked drain tiles in Vancouver or in need of a back fill? We have a complete solution for you. Our team of experts will walk you through all the steps of our service and guarantee satisfaction

Demolition-Excavation Contractor Vancouver

5 rules for Site Preparation and Safety

So you are about to build your dream house but before a single brick is laid for the foundation the site has to be prepared. Site preparation is a more complex process than site clearing. There are a number of […]

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what is Stone Slinger

Take the guess work out…use a stone slinger. A stone slinger is construction apparatus that places dirt or soil, mulch, sand or aggregates in a precise position. This new and innovative technologically advanced piece of equipment takes the guess work […]

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Whеn Ѕhоuld You Call а Demolition Company?

It іs nоt vеrу оftеn thаt mаnу people find thеmsеlvеs іn nееd оf а demolition company. Моst people аrе nоt еvеn aware оf thе type оf services thаt thіs kind оf company offer. Essentially, thеу dо thе complete opposite оf […]

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